Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the ‘she said, he said’ media battle

By July 5, 2011Uncategorized

While we may never know what happened between Dominique Strauss-Kahn and the chambermaid in the New York hotel room, we can marvel at how quickly fortunes seem to change.A few weeks ago the suave and urbane Frenchman was accused of rape, lost his job as head of the IMF and was forced to stand unshaven and dishevelled in front of the world’s media as further reports of his alleged sexual misconduct found their way into the public domain.

His accuser by contrast was given the very dignified backing of her fellow workers who marched the streets of Manhattan in support.

This weekend, however, it all changed. The hotel worker’s credibility has been cut to shreds amidst accusations that she was a prostitute and the rape allegations against Monsieur Strauss Kahn have all but collapsed. She is facing deportation and his aspirations for a French political career seem to have miraculously resurfaced.

What have we been watching? Have we been witnessing power games or some form of justice? Whatever it is it is not pretty and certainly a tragedy of life changing proportions for the chambermaid.

Dominique Strauss Kahn may soon be a free man, but can there ever be any winners in a ‘she said, he said’ battle in the media?. He should be mindful that reputations are not so easily nor so swiftly fixed.