Diamond Jubilee offers a diamond opportunity for the reputation of our Royal Family

By February 7, 2012Uncategorized

With the passing of Accession Day, we are now full steam ahead for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Marking Her Majesty’s 60 years of service to the nation is a ‘diamond’ (pardon the pun) opportunity for our Royal family to continue to cement its strong reputation at home and abroad.Last year was momentous for the Royal family with the wedding of William and Catherine, along with the Duke of Edinburgh’s 90thbirthday celebration and Zara Phillips’ wedding. The family are firmly on the A-list across many circles and dominate the pages of publications across the world from US Weekly to the Daily Mail.

This year’s celebrations will capitalise on that feeling and give the lady in charge her chance to shine. It is an opportunity to highlight the fantastic work she has done during her reign – a time to both look back and look forward. 

The family have faced many ups and downs during Queen Elizabeth’s lifetime, and indeed reign, but the ‘feel-good factor’ surrounding the Royals is at the highest it has certainly been in my living memory.

You may have already guessed but I’ll come clean and say I’ve always been a real Royalist but it had always been deemed a bit uncool. Now, friends gossip over Kate’s outfits (her influence has given the fashion industry a £1bn boost and yes I have certainly contributed to that!) and we’re planning our evening’s TV viewing around Andrew Marr’s ‘A Diamond Queen’.

2012 is a great year to showcase and celebrate ‘Britishness’, with the Olympics and the Queen’s jubilee. It is a fantastic opportunity for the Queen to let her people, and the people of the world, celebrate her role, her family and lay a fantastic foundation for the future of our monarchy.