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By June 15, 2018Indigo Connected

When the only outlet for your news story was a newspaper, an accompanying picture was always good to have, but not essential. Today, few online news sources will run a story without a strong image.

Consider, too, how little time anyone spends reading a news story. An image in this context, therefore, acts not only to catch the eye, but also helps tell the story in an instant.

Visual assets, be it a photo, infographic or even video, are now essential. Designed well, they can communicate a message as clearly and concisely as any written news release and can have a far greater currency in the online world of social media or even on a page of newsprint that needs both colour and drama.

Perfect Harmony – a campaign message summed up in words, but equally communicated through images.

Kingsley– a character on the pitch and a strong visual brand on social media – created by artist David Shrigley

Pictures of Trams and the on-tram designs – told the story across national and local press