Cruelty in the jungle

By December 3, 2012Uncategorized

There’s been a rumble in the jungle for ITV’s I’m a Celebrity after producers left one of the contestants’ young children visibly distressed.

Former EastEnders actress Charlie Brooks’ seven year daughter Kiki was put up as a prize – and had to be consoled when her mother failed to ‘win’ her.

The opportunity to win luxuries by choosing one of five doors to open was quashed after Charlie failed to pick the yellow door which her daughter was standing behind.

Able to hear her mother’s voice, the youngster was heartbroken when she realised she would not get to see despite being apart for 18 days.

Although the show has been running for 10 years, producers need to look at ways in which to keep viewing numbers up. However, parading a young child who is, without a doubt, missing her mother is a step too far.

It’s not the first time the show’s reputation has been put in jeopardy. Comedian Brian Conley ended up being admitted to hospital four days after showing signs of distress during his brief stint on the show.

As reality shows battle it out with one another to command the highest ratings, this week’s antics haven’t turned off viewers.

And with only a couple more days before the king or queen of the jungle is crowned, perhaps the show’s reputation will be restored to its former glory as all attention will be on the winner and their revived celebrity status.


Natalie Davidson