Changes for some of the country’s icons – both large and small – In Case You Missed It

By August 18, 2017Indigo

There’s been a change for some of of the country’s icons, and some haven’t gone down a treat with fans. In case you missed it, here’s a snapshot of what we me mean.

Nestle’s iconic walnut whip has gone nuts! As of this week, nut-free versions of the tradition chocolate delight will be available in the form of vanilla and caramel, followed by a dark chocolate mint one being released next month. However, the new additions are causing a storm on social media – fans are scoffing at the move with one stating it is a “shocking demise of a classic”.

Ding dong, Big Ben’s set to become mute for the next four years while restoration works takes place. The move comes to protect workers whose hearing would be put at risk with its mighty chimes, but politicians are calling for the Great Bell to ring more often than currently planned.

Edinburgh Trams has had a makeover thanks to CR Smith which has become the first commercial sponsor. Eighteen individual designs will be rolled out on the tram network, including a Musselburgh racehorse racing alongside a Falkirk Kelpie, the oldest stone bridge in the Highlands at Carrbridge, arching over the Forth Rail Bridge, Glasgow’s cone crowned Duke of Wellington and the white and orange striped lighthouse at Peterhead.

Yikes, according to a study by Furtwangen University, kitchen sponges carry up to five trillion germs and are more germ infested than toilets. Even boiling or bleaching won’t get rid of nasty bugs, in fact, it causes them to grow as they become resistant to chemicals. Best advice is to throw away the sponge on a weekly basis to avoid becoming ill!

You usually get a chilled beverage or snack from a vending machine, but you will now be able to pick up a new set of wheels as a luxury car vending machine has been created targeting the super-rich. The Chinese firm that operates the machines has created a glass tower with cars parked on multiple floors (similar to the Nissan showroom in Glasgow). At the flick of a button on a phone app, the machine delivers the new vehicle. How easy is that!

Greyfriars Bobby is turning a brassy shade as tourists have rubbed off the paint on the statue’s muzzle and chest in the belief it will bring them good luck. A campaign has been set up by tour guides to stop the spread of the habit which has gone on for years in an effort to stop Wee Bobby looking a bit ‘ruff’.

Essex residents are renowned for using fake tan. It would appear that sea lions also like to sport a bronze hue as the ones found on the shores of East Anglia have a bit of tan due to rolling around in mud which contains rust.


Happy reading!