Celebrity ‘Mum of the Year’ shows the true fickleness of the British public

By March 17, 2012Uncategorized

I’m not sure what criteria people are using when they vote for who they think should be Celebrity Mum of the Year…  Do they base it on the children’s education, care, nutrition? Somehow I doubt it. This competition is a true reflection at just how fickle the British public can be.Mother-of-four Katie Price collected the gong at this year’s ceremony, having already achieved the title in 2007. Now I am not saying that she is a bad mother, or a good mother. Truth is I don’t know and neither does anyone else outside her inner circle.

This competition is a popularity contest for the famous, in particular stars of the reality television generation with Amanda Holden in second place and The Only Way is Essex’s Chloe Sims third. Others to make it into the coveted top ten included Danielle Lloyd and Nicola McLean; both former Celebrity Big Brother housemates and models.

Katie Price has been in and out of public favour like a yo yo. Following a bitter and acrimonious split from husband (and coincidentally a previous winner of ‘Celebrity Dad of the Year) Peter Andre, this validation from the British public may be a sign that Katie’s popularity is on the up again. Being recognised as a ‘great mum’ in the public domain will undoubtedly help rebuild her image and it will be interesting to see how she capitalises on this.

On one hand, this is a boost for a winner’s reputation. On the other, it sets winners up for a fall. Just a week before the reigning winner Stacey Solomon was to hand over her title, the heavily pregnant former X Factor finalist was spotted smoking a cigarette. Stacey, who has been enjoying relative success in her TV career, was duly stripped of her title and took to the This Morning sofa in tears. Stacey was offered support by reality TV ‘star’ and a fellow former winner of the Celebrity Mum of the Year title Kerry Katona who admitted to also smoking while pregnant, a call which did little to soothe the impact Stacey’s actions had with the British public.

I have to say I am surprised that, with this certainly a popularity contest rather than an actual reflection on parenting skills, that Katie Price won as her public profile is nothing like it was a few years ago and the height of the Katie and Peter romance. Could this be the return of the ‘Pricey’? I don’t know,  but I would advise to tread carefully given her own rise and fall since her last win in 2007 and those of fellow former winners Kerry Katona and Stacey Solomon.