In case you missed it: Indigo’s picks from this week in the media.

People, whether it’s a triumphant success being celebrated or a tragedy being managed, people make the media and, if you are anything like me, a little bit nosey, you’ll enjoy finding out what others have been up to.

Every morning, Indigo starts with everyone around the table, scanning the newspapers before getting up-to-date with social media, the latest tweets that have gone viral and other stories we’ve picked up on the broadcast media.

Human stories are the ones that tend to get the most conversations going. Afterall, we all enjoy seeing people succeed or fall in love (although Love Island is still up for debate). We also relate or empathise in some way when it comes to a tragic situation.

I wanted to share a few of the stories that got us talking around the table this week at Indigo.

Ben Conway: Sound familiar? If not, it should. He has just climbed Ben Nevis in five-inch heels to raise money for equality charity Stonewall and Sal’s Shoes. The idea of his poor ankles and blisters, similar to those I have experienced in my own time in town, let alone up a mountain, made us all agree that the efforts he’s displayed really have gone that extra mile.

Phones: Do you take yours into a meeting? Well, Science Alert reported that “just looking at your smartphone makes you less intelligent” according to researchers at the University of Texas. They say phones distract us, even when they are switched off. So next time your phone is out at an important meeting, maybe pop it away for the hour to ensure you give your full attention…….and believe it or not you will cope!

*slyly puts away iPhone.

Now, let’s talk about love. The Daily Telegraph reported that codebreakers at Bletchley Park were encouraged to fall in love in a bid to help the war effort. Lovely to think while the unimaginable scenes of WWII were happening, people could still find love and use this to see them through the toughest of times.

From love to charity we thought the story about Jamie Robertson in the Edinburgh Evening News, a homeless Gulf War veteran was just fantastic. To mark the 50th anniversary of the charity Crisis, homeless artists are showcasing their work across the UK. Heart-warming to read about the work the charity does to help people off the streets, learn new skills and help people have a positive future.

And finally, I have to admit something. It’s not just humans that get us talking. Pets and new tech also set our tongues wagging (not tails). There’s a new attachment for your phone where you can place your pet’s favourite treat onto it to get them focusing and posing for that perfect pic. Next time our office dog pays a visit, we’ll make sure to see if the Flexy Paw really works.

So from charity and love to pets, we hope our round-up puts a smile on your face and you can finally get that perfect selfie with your pooch this weekend.