Bringing back a touch of ‘high society’ to Royal Ascot

By June 21, 2012Uncategorized

One of the most reported and commented on stories of the week has to be the role of the ‘fashion police’ at Royal Ascot – hammering home the message that the ‘chav takeover’ is being halted in its tracks.

Personally, I say hurrah! Whilst I enjoy having a wee giggle at the outlandish dresses, glaring tans and inappropriate necklines it’s great that organisers have taken a stand. There is a time and place for this dress and behaviour; midnight down at Wetherspoons, not midday at Royal Ascot.

The strict dress codes have certainly brought the ever-popular event even more publicity. And, in this very British year, the timing for highlighting our ‘grand, national’ (sorry couldn’t resist) events and our sense of British ‘properness’ is perfect.

Great Britain, and latterly the United Kingdom, has always been a distinguished nation and for a great section of society this is still true but we must acknowledge we do have one of the highest levels of teenage pregnancies in Europe and are blamed for creating the binge drinking culture. The world is watching and our country’s reputation is teetering at the right side of a fine line at the moment and I think this what might seem like silly show from Royal Ascot’s organisers is actually about a lot more than flashing flesh.

Saying that, I am a massive fan of The Only Way is Essex and have been known to get sucked into Jersey Shore. But again, it’s all about time and place and Royal Ascot has shown it is determined to bring back fair lady style to its event.

Suzanne Mackie