A bonnie nation with ambition, plus other news from the papers in the last fortnight.

By September 8, 2017Indigo

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Scotland got more than one glimpse of the spotlight this week, as a survey reveals Scotland is the most beautiful country in the world.

Not content on just being a country of pleasant landscapes, Nicola Sturgeon announced ambitions plans for the government, as the Scottish Parliament came back from the summer recess.

Elsewhere in the news, our battle against pandemics got a new weapon as researchers develop a biological teleporter: scanning and emailing new outbreaks to scientists who can develop vaccines.

Despite the rise of image sharing apps, it seems some youngsters are returning to disposable cameras for more authentic images, with sales of disposable cameras doubling in the last 3 years.

New technology still hasn’t overtaken superstition, as it emerged modern tunnel builders won’t go to work without their statue of St. Barbara at the entrance.

It seems we all like an office grumble, as a survey shows we spend 2 weeks a year voicing our workplace complaints.

Finally, it seems anything can happen on the internet, as a small stunt goes viral, crashing the website as people flock to pay $1 to see who else paid $1. How many people paid $1?  That’d be telling.

That’s our picks from the last couple of weeks in the papers. Hope you enjoy your weekend in beautiful Scotland.