The blustery days of an Edinburgh summer and some personal picks of the month

By June 30, 2017Indigo

A blustery, wet, cold summer’s day in Edinburgh at the end of June finds me with a hot cup of coffee and the opportunity to blog about my favourite client moments and stories of this month.

One of things I like best about my job is the range of topics which my colleagues and I deal with.

June began with John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills and a former member of the 13th Edinburgh BB Company, giving his support to The Boys’ Brigade’s latest campaign to increase participation in physical activity.

This month we have seen two big days for the Perfect Harmony campaign which seeks to bring together two of Scotland’s national treasures – the Old Royal High School building and St Mary’s Music School.

An Ipsos MORI poll found 81 per cent of Edinburgh residents polled preferred the option to establish St Mary’s Music School at the site of the iconic Thomas Hamilton building on Calton Hill.

Then, on 22 June, The Royal High School Preservation Trust’s ‘One Voice’ musical rally, chaired by the wonderful Susan Morrison, drew a highly enthusiastic and supportive audience at Edinburgh’s Canongate Kirk.

Photo by CHAS

While on the subject of children, it has been amazing to watch our friends at CHAS launch their latest campaign using bright letters of the alphabet, coloured by some of the kids who use the service. Check out their campaign here:

On to the great outdoors, where Indigo had the privilege to launch ‘Keep it Wild’ – the John Muir Trust’s campaign for the protection of Scotland’s Wild Land Areas from industrial-scale development.

Then to the TEV Project, created by Caroline Jones Carrick and her father Will Jones, which brings their vision for a next-generation highway with the ability to charge electric vehicles as they travel. This month TEV announced its innovation partnership with Newcastle University.

So, all in all, an interesting month to look back on with satisfaction, as I ruefully shelve any plans to barbecue this weekend.  However, there is no need to water the garden so there’s always a silver lining.