Best Bar None Scotland Case Study

By May 25, 2018Indigo Connected

Case Study: The Benefits of a Positive Social Media Campaign



Best Bar None (BBN) Scotland provides the licensed trade with training and resources to help keep the night time economy safe, responsible and enjoyable for everyone involved. The aim of the communications strategy for BBN Scotland is to raise of the profile of the scheme with venues and potential sponsors, with the ultimate goal of growing the number of participating bars, clubs and pubs across the country.

On social media, the primary audience is venues, both existing participating venues and those new to BBN. The strategy was to create an informative and interesting mix of BBN key messages, important news and opportunities from BBN Scotland’s partners and sponsors, as well as relevant news from the wider licenced trade.


Indigo carefully planned and delivered the social media strategy, which built on the close relationship between social media, PR, and BBN teams. Specifically, the strategy involved providing two key categories of content.

The “base” content was posted every day. This focuses on spreading the key messaging of BBN Scotland, and sharing other pertinent information.

For the key messaging, a bank of over 40 posts was created and approved, each posting highlighting a slightly different key message. To keep on top of pertinent information, the traditional media, specialist publications, social media and the websites of partners had to be monitored on a regular basis to ensure we were providing new and informative information to the audience.

The second category was “special” content. This related to events – building interest and highlighting media coverage – and specific issues, where BBN could provide useful information and tips to venues. This proved particularly engaging.

Both “base” and “special” content came together to ensure we were posting from BBN Scotland’s social media accounts on a daily basis, and that at least one post per day would be relevant to the entire audience, rather than just those attending a specific event.

We worked closely with the BBN Scotland team to ensure that the social media accounts and the content we were posting stayed relevant and engaging during changes to key messaging and branding.


In the last year, Best Bar None’s Scotland social media accounts continued to demonstrate outstanding success, with a substantial increase in engagement from venues and partners across both Twitter and Facebook.

On Twitter, the number of impressions grew by 67% to over 380,000 – meaning nearly 400 more people were seeing every post. The number of engagements on posts has grown by 102% over the previous year, with the number of Likes in particular growing by 258%. The audience grew by 25% to 1425 followers on Twitter.

The Facebook account is still reasonably new, having only been created in October 2016, but by signposting the Facebook account on the more established Twitter account, as well as providing the same range of content as on Twitter, means the audience has quadrupled in the last 12 months; reaching over 55,000 people and receiving over 4,400 engagements.

Erith McKean

Social Media Executive