Be All You Can Be – Caroline Jones Carrick

By April 21, 2016Uncategorized

Caroline Jones Carrick is the director of the TEV Project (Tracked Electric Vehicles), a Scottish-based road technology initiative. With her dad Will Jones, Caroline wants to change the way people travel with their solution designed to advance road infrastructure. Recently she has been mixing her experience in engineering and technology with her passion for the STEM industries (science, technology, engineering and maths) to inspire people of all ages and genders to get involved.  

Caroline said:

“I was lucky enough to grow up playing alongside my dad while he worked in his workshop and laboratory so from the beginning, I was surrounded by technology and engineering and started to develop a real passion for it. 

 “I know my situation growing up was pretty different from most kids, but I think we should all have the chance to explore and thrive in these subjects. I’m lucky enough to now help encourage people into similar subjects and hopefully let them realise you don’t have to be an academic superstar to love STEM.

 “I recently met with primary school children to speak about being female in these industries and why it’s important to explore these subjects from the earliest age possible. It’s important to me that children understand that STEM subjects are for everyone. Just because you might not understand a lesson in science class the first time you hear it, or another kid in class always seems better at maths lessons, doesn’t mean you should feel discouraged. It’s all about looking at it from another way, and finding the best ways to learn.”

 Indigo has been working closely with Caroline to keep the media and potential investors interested in the concept of the project and to share her message of inspiration to those looking at careers in STEM.

 This push to inspire people recently saw Caroline invited to partake in a discussion panel about disruptive technology at the Management Today’s Inspiring Women Conference. Here she was given the opportunity to speak to some of the UK’s most inspiring women about her project and why she thinks, females especially, should be introduced to STEM subjects at the earliest opportunity. 

 Indigo is now exploring further avenues with Caroline to provide a platform where she can continue to support and inspire future leaders in STEM.