Banking on support

By October 16, 2013Uncategorized

I am slightly bamboozled at the timing of one of our (ex)national treasures advertising its ‘Yes’ approach to mortgages. Not only is it slightly aggravating to see the first two pages of the newspaper at the weekend plastered with the adverts – still being bankrolled by the taxpayers – but also in the current climate the ‘Yes’ message politically and now in banking terms is being painfully overplayed.

At a very basic level, the bank’s core message is less than clear as the branding and even the colours mirror the Yes Scotland campaign, with the saltire’s blue and white hues shouting out across the pages.

I appreciate the banks are still very much on the back foot and trying desperately to woo the public into thinking that banks are approachable, happy to help and willing to lend money, when historically you often could only get access to money if you didn’t need it!

Demonstrating that the leopard has changed its spot will take far more than an over-hyped advertising campaign. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools, which, when you have a satisfied customer they can make a fantastic job of doing your marketing for you.

Happy customers tell others of the great customer service, support for lending and a straightforward process in which to go through to achieve all that.

To reach that recognition and feedback, every single touch point with the public needs to deliver a service that is no less than 100% across the organisation. Only then will people start to feel that the sector is changing its focus.

Right now, the double page adverts smacks a little of an organisation that is trying too hard and is paying handsomely to grab our attention and convince us otherwise.


Elaine McKean