BA – the drive by

By July 18, 2012Uncategorized

The latest BA Home Advantage viral, Take a Plane Down Your Street, is proving to be a strong communication tool. The ad underpins BA’s role in supporting the forthcoming Olympics, and widens the message outside London 2012, by quite literally taking their message to every home across the UK.

From a communications point of view, it nicely introduces the local angle by partnering up with Google Street View to ‘take’ the Boeing 777-200 past your front door. It is that local charm that will chime strongest with viewers. We all perk up and take more notice of an advert if we are involved in the message, in one way or another.

With over 821,000 views over the last three weeks on You Tube, the advert is certainly making its mark. However the clever adaptation to personalise the journey, currently making its way into inboxes up and down the country is reaffirming BAs position as a dynamic, evolving company reaching out to its customers.

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Elaine McKean