And representing the UK in the political ‘Olympics’ game – Boris Johnson

By July 26, 2012Uncategorized

Before I begin, I have to hold my hands up and say I am a fan of bumbling Boris. The eccentric London Mayor defies all our generation’s pre-conceived notions and expectations of political correctness and tells it how he sees it (even if it isn’t always exactly how others would want him to see, or more importantly say, it).

The eyes of the world are now on London, with the Games set to begin. For that worldwide audience, a spokesman for all things ‘London’, all things ‘British’, has been Boris.

The news pages and channels have been filled with an endless stream of negative stories surrounding the Olympics – from the G4S debacle, through to traffic hold-ups. And while some mayors would retreat, Boris has come out fighting. My personal highlight was a message he filmed for a reporter on the BBC’s One Show, in his trademark good-natured fashion, rebutting her gripes about the Olympics.

He recently told Sky News of the “gigantic schmooze-athon” the Games brought. Boris is playing his role as an advocate for the reputation of London, and the UK. And while some may worry about his ability to be taken seriously, in a time of economic doom and gloom and political turbulence, it is clear to see Boris is rising above that (or simply not acknowledging certain aspects) and will play an important part in promoting Britain to the world.


Suzanne Mackie