By July 21, 2015Social Media

Video is a medium which is being used more and more to get key messages across. These days people can’t be bothered reading Q&A interviews and news releases and they want things simplified for them. A lot of campaigns, trusts and companies have looked to this medium to do just that. In association with social media a match really has been made in heaven.

One charity that has done this exceptionally well is the Muir Maxwell Trust. The Trust provides support to children and their families coping with severe epilepsy and increases awareness and understanding of it. They have embraced video as a medium to get their message across. From filming interviews, online auctions and appeal videos they have made their message more accessible. In accordance with Facebook and Twitter they have extended their channels of communication.

If you haven’t looked into introducing video as a format for your market then you should really think about it as PR is an industry which is continually evolving digitally. Burberry’s recent Periscope and Snapchat successes show that video is the way to go in terms of extending your reach and increasing engagement levels.

So what app or software should you be using?

If video is a new concept altogether for you and you’re wondering where to start then here’s my top five suggestions.

Instagram – Instagram provides you with 12 seconds to get your message across to your audience. This could be best used to give your audience an insight into the company culture at your work as Burberry successfully did.

Vine – Very similarly to Instagram this could give others an insight into your company culture. The only thing is Vine will only allow you 6 seconds to do so! Getting stats and figures across quickly could be an idea as Bill Gates demonstrates. Although this may take a great deal of preparation it can provide effective as key messages can be delivered instantly.

Snapchat – Snapchat allows you 10 seconds to get your video message across. In recent times it has become one of the hottest social media networks around. With their new advertising focused ‘discover’ feature they are actively looking for brands to showcase themselves. It’s easy to set up a Snapchat and through doing so you may be able to interact with a larger emerging market.

Youtube – Now you may be sitting saying ‘duuuuuuh’ at me for this one but creating a Youtube channel is like creating a backlog of history in which your clients and market can refer to useful information like the Princes Trust do! They use series’ of videos including helpful tips to help young people get into work. The great thing with creating a Youtube channel is that your videos can be shared with your most content heavy social platforms Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

Periscope – Periscope gives you the opportunity to live stream a video for your market to see. This tool has been used by politicians, celebrities, companies and comedians. Why use it? For one you can cover client events with it, provide live interviews with clients and easily show off product launches and demonstrations. Bear in mind though that your Periscope stream will only be accessible to your followers for 24 hours after it’s been recorded.

As with all communication channels, you wouldn’t just pick one medium (or all of them) and hope for the best. Depending on the nature of your industry some of these programmes will suit you better than others.

Video quality and preparation is key

It’s not just enough to make a video and then pump it out on to social media. Preparation and quality needs to go into it! If your video looks unrehearsed or if your key messages aren’t obvious then don’t put it out. It can be time consuming to get a video right but the long term benefits of it will outweigh the short term issues.

Ensuring that the quality of the video is good as well is important. You won’t be doing your reputation any favours through uploading grainy shaky videos. Research shows that 1/3 of millennials exit a video almost immediately if the quality isn’t good enough. That could be 1/3 of your potential reach being left with a poor perception of yourself!